We are back


I appreciate the numerous supportive sentiments I received following my
mailing of "Personal news" on January 17. I'll use the same address list
for this follow-up. It's a fairly long list, so I'll mail this to myself
and place the list in the bcc: section. That way, you all don't get a long
address list. (I hate it when I get one of those).

We got home last night and have enjoyed a good night's sleep. It is now
10:30 a.m. and already I feel like a nap. We will take care of some
translation work and look forward to a long-planned trip to Las Vegas this
coming weekend (including Monday) to celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary
with our children.

Our trip to Sweden went well. Christine and I were able to support my
sister Ingrid who has carried the brunt of the load, as well as my mother
who was on top of all preparations. The funeral was beautiful and
appropriate, and the dinner afterward turned into a near-complete,
harmonious family gathering with four generations (66 people) in attendance
and a rather joyous celebration.

On our way back we browsed the newsstand at the Arlanda airport. Lo and
behold, Svenska Dagbladet had printed the obituary submitted by my
brother-in-law and Volvo historian Christer Olsson. Jean Christer, as we
discovered (Well, he does live in France). A pdf-file is attached for
those of you who read Swedish and are interested. (Not CSGnet)

Best, Dag

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