What about?

i.kurtzer (980817.2100)

With the concerns about how should the net be conducted, changed, etc. I have
been likewise concerned. I have my doubts about this type of communication's
utility in generating ideas and as a pedagogical platform. It certainly can
allow both, both we suppose it to be conducive to their fostering. I
personally feel that much more accomplishments come through one-on-one
relationships, even when both parties do not have a strong handle on it (PCT).
I also feel people are much more willing to hear someone out when they know
them through that one-on-one. I know that my understanding of PCT has
benefited immensely from to the one-on-one's I been lucky to have with Tom
Bourbon, Bill Powers, Rick Marken, Greg Williams and a few others. This might
be only brain-farts, but it seems that if we have a real problem we should not
only talk about it publically, but maybe get in touch with the person and say
"what up jerko?", or "did you mean X?" or "i think your posts rock". I think
you see what i mean. This would wonderful also for the lurkers, maybe too shy
to say something read by 75, but not too shy to drop a line. So to all the
lurkers feel free to drop me a line if you have a question or a suggestion in
diplomacy or maybe happen to like what i post. I intend to write "off-line"
as well and i could see a lot of the issues cleared up by making these manners
of communicating complementary rather than exclusive.