What's the want?

[From Chris Kitzke (950905.0030)

[Rick Marken's (950904.0930)]

<< ...the best I can do (on this net and in real life) to teach PCT
is just lay out my position, present the evidence and the models as
clearly and as accurately as possible and hope that those who are
interested in PCT come around (as far as they can) to seeing it my way.>>

Rick, can you ever expect anyone to see anything your way? I agree with
everything else except that "my". Is it possible for the hope to be that
people interested in PCT will see it their way, in line with what they want
according to their perception? Is this not what happens anyway? You seemed
to already answer my question with your next comment:

<<You can't force a control system to control the way you want .>>

If they do, great. If they don't, there is no need to wonder why. Time can
then be spent trying to understand their perceptions and wants.

How could the goal of learning PCT be to make things better when wants are so
different, not to mention perceptions? The wants, not the theory, is what
makes things the way they are. PCT helps one focus on the wants, then
explains exactly how the behavior follows, with no exceptions.

Can PCT be used to "make" things a certain way? I think not. That is cause
and effect. I think Ed has been able to succeed (in some people's
perception) for one of two reasons. Either his wants are the same as others
in the school or he has been able to help them get what they want (by asking
a lot of questions), aside from his wants.

Just trying some thoughts. Was a small last digest and I had some extra
time. Glad to see you back, Rick.

All the best,

Chris Kitzke