Where feedforward needed

From Tom Bourbon [931117.0940]

[from Gary Cziko 931116.2200 GMT]

Rick Marken (931116.1300) said:

We'll put in feedfoward if we need it but currently,
there is nothing (other than the say-so of you, Martin and, now Oded)
that seems to demand it.

Don't forget about the vestibulo-ocular reflex. Looks like we need
feedforward there--even Bill Powers says so.

Now, if we could only find some OTHER behavior that required feedforward.

It might be interesting to consider why the VOR gets away with feedforward.
Little or no disturbances? Muscles which don't have to work very hard and
therefore do not usually tire? The spherical shape of eyeballs which makes
their movement more or less independent of gravity? Seems to be a very
different world from the one the rest of our body inhabits.--Gary

Yes. In "Models and their worlds," Bill P. and I talked about the idea that
plan-driven (aka feedforward) systems cannot work in a disturbance-filled
world like the one where "we" live. For the reasons you identified, the
world our eyeballs inhabit is different from the one we inhabit.

Lost between worlds,