1994 CSG Conference Registration: Durango, CO


                    THE CONTROL SYSTEMS GROUP

The tenth annual meeting of the Control Systems Group will be
held at Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado, from Wednesday,
July 27 - Sunday, July 31, 1994.

This is a small, informal conference. There are seven sessions,
morning and evening, for brief presentation and extended
discussion of various aspects of Perceptual Control Theory.
Attendees are encouraged to bring papers for distribution, which
can serve to bring others up to speed on your topic. A variety of
specialties in the life, social, and behavioral sciences will be
represented, as well as applications in education, counseling,
and management. There will be a Mac and a PC for demos, with a
projection plate, and a VCR. Afternoons will be available for
continued discussion, showing tapes and computer demos, or for

The first session Wednesday evening begins with scheduling those
people who want to speak, whether or not they have brought a
paper (bringing a paper carries no obligation to speak). The
number of speakers determines the amount of time each will have.

This is considered to be a very enjoyable meeting. It is relaxed
and informal, yet exciting and intensive.


Durango is in the southwest corner of Colorado, 350 miles from
Denver and 200 miles from Albuquerque, N.M., at an altitude of
6500 feet, hot and dry in the daytime, cool at night, with
possible afternoon thunderstorms. Major attractions in the area
include the Durango & Silverton narrow gauge steam train, Mesa
Verde (and other) 11th to 14th century Anasazi Indian ruins,
river rafting, mountain biking, etc., etc. For details on these
and other attractions, plus motel and B&B accomodations if you
prefer to stay off campus, you can call 1-800-525-8855 or write
DACRA, 111 S. Camino del Rio, Durango CO 81301.

Fees have gone up at the college, so the conference fee, which
includes room, meals, coffee breaks, equipment, meeting room
rentals, and a banquet on Saturday night, will be a bit more than
last year. Costs are as follows:

     Single occupancy...$240 Double occupany...$200
     Double room with guest: Self...$200 Guest...$140
     Students (double only):..........$75
               (This is subsidized. If a further waiver is REALLY
               needed, apply on registration form)
     Off-campus: Self...$160 Guest...$100
     Per night, Mon., Tues., Sun., single or double...$25
               (for those who want extra time in Durango)
July 10 is the deadline for registration. Please make full
payment in advance of the meeting. PLEASE REGISTER AS SOON AS
POSSIBLE by sending $50 plus $5 for each guest ($10 for
students). This is non-refundable, but will cover your year's
membership and subscription to Closed Loop if you are unable to
attend after all. The balance due will be your total conference
cost (above) MINUS registration.

Conference fees include a year's membership in the CSG.

All participants and guests will have a meal ticket covering
Wednesday dinner through Sunday breakfast. This is a fixed cost
for participants, but guests can be partly reimbursed for missed
meals (or donate the amount to the CSG to subsidize students at
future conferences).

Meal times are 7-8am, 12-1pm, and 5-6pm, except for the Saturday
night banquet, at 6:30pm., which will be in the student memorial
lounge, not the dining room. If you are arriving Wednesday, keep
this rather early dinner hour in mind, since it will take time to
get from the airport, check in at the dorm, and get your meal

All meals on campus before Wednesday dinner or after Sunday
breakfast must be paid for at the dining room door. Rates for
breakfast, lunch, and dinner not covered by the meal ticket are
$4.75 ($3.65 weekends), $5.75 and $6.85, plus tax.

Car rentals are available at the airport and there is taxi
service to the college. Ask to go to Cooper Hall (the dorm). It
may be wise to make plane reservations early - availability
depends on the tourist traffic and other conferences in the area.

If you are not staying in the dorm, go to the registration desk
in Cooper anyway, for your meal ticket.

If you are staying in the dorm, you will be issued keys. If you
lose or fail to return them, the cost is $50 each.

If you need a number where you can be reached while at the
conference, the Conferences and Institutes office is open
weekdays 9-5 at 303 247-7372. The dormitory office is
(theoretically) manned until 11pm every day, and is 303 247-7481.

Anyone in Durango on Tuesday is invited to dinner at the Powers',
which is 13 miles east of town. A map will be sent to anyone who
indicates early arrival.

For further information you can call Mary Powers at 303 247-7986
or write to 73 Ridge Place, Durango CO 81301-8136, or contact




______________________________________ Phone_________________

Arriving (day & time)_______________________________________

Leaving (day & time)________________________________________

plane____ car____ (send maps) ____

I will be staying in the dorm the following nights (circle)

            mon tues WED THURS FRI SAT sun

single____ double____ (non-smoking____)

I am staying off campus____ I am a student____

I am bringing a guest (name)________________________________
(note: Guests are welcome to attend all sessions of the

At the banquet, I prefer (circle) wine beer pop juice

My guest prefers (circle) wine beer pop juice
Specifically? (red, white, diet, etc)


Students: fill out only if you are applying for a waiver of fees
over and above the built-in subsidy (but you must register and
pay $10). You must get your application in by June 1.

I am undergrad____ grad____ just graduated('94)_____


I am applying for a waiver of the CSG conference fees.
Without the waiver I would be unable to afford to come.


* * * * * * *

Mail this form with your enclosed check (made out to The Control
Systems Group) for registration ($50 regular $10 student) or for
your total conference fee to

Mary A. Powers 73 Ridge Place Durango CO 81303-8136

I presume that the CSG community wants the same policy as last year,
namely that this conference announcement is NOT a general CFP, and
that it should NOT be widely promulgated across Cyberspace?


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Systems Science, SUNY Binghamton NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
cjoslyn@bingsuns.cc.binghamton.edu joslyn@kong.gsfc.nasa.gov

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