1997 CSG Conference Form

[from Mary Powers 970121]

                    THE CONTROL SYSTEMS GROUP
                         1997 CONFERENCE

The Control Systems Group has met annually since 1985 to discuss
theoretical and practical applications of Perceptual Control
Theory in the behavioral, social, and life sciences. This is a
small and informal meeting, open to anyone interested in PCT who
wants to present work or ideas, or who simply wants to listen and

The 1997 CSG conference will begin Wednesday, July 30, and end
Sunday, August 3. Arrival should be Wednesday afternoon, in time
for a rather early dinner (5-6 pm). The first meeting will be
Wednesday evening. At that time we find out who wants to talk
about what, and set up a schedule bunching more or less connected
topics together. There is usually time for a talk that evening.
The next meetings are mornings and evenings, with afternoons
free. The afternoons are used by some for recreation, while
others get and give tutorials, read, etc. We ask people who want
to present material to bring relevant papers that can be read in
advance of their talks, so that presentations are discussions
rather than lectures.

On Saturday evening we have a banquet, followed by a short
business meeting. The last meal included in the conference fee
is Sunday breakfast. For those who want to enjoy what the
Durango area has to offer, early arrival or late departure can be

Durango is in the southwest corner of Colorado, 350 miles from
Denver and 200 miles from Albuquerque. It is in the San Juan
Mountains, at 6500 feet. In July/Aug. the temperature can be in
the high 80's or more in the daytime, with 50's at night.
Afternoon thunderstorms are possible. More details and maps on

Air service is in flux. There are connecting flights from Denver
(United) and Phoenix (American). One flight a day from
Albuquerque. Reno airlines flies from LA. Pacific West may
connect from Colorado Springs by summer.

The conference fee includes room, meals, coffee breaks, and all
other expenses, including membership in the CSG. The cost, in a
single room, is $250. Sharing a double, $190. Cost for couples
sharing a room, $360. Note that there will be a $30 surcharge
for late registrations. Students and others whose finances are
limited can apply for a full or partial waiver of conference
fees. Some help with travel costs may also be available.
Contact Mary Powers at 73 Ridge Place, Durango CO 81301, or at
(970) 247-7986, or at powers_w@frontier.net for details on
assistance or fees for guests other than spouse or any other questions.







nights on campus (circle) tues WED THURS FRI SAT sun

for banquet (check): vegetarian___ poultry/fish___ red meat___

beer___ red wine___ white wine___ pop___ diet pop___ juice___

Registration fee: $20 (Students $5). After June 15: $50. Balance
due July 20: $230 single, $170 double, couples $340.
Full payment at registration: single $250, double $190,
couples $360. Late registrants (after June 15) $280, $220, $390.

Make check out to The Control Systems Group, and mail to
Mary Powers 73 Ridge Place Durango CO 81301.

Hi, Ellery --

What is the late registration date? As soon as I am sure I can make it I
will send in my registration.
And all my best to you two wondrous characters.

And our best to you, too. The late registration date is June 15. Since you
are a student or "impecunious other" you can ask for financial aid if you
want it -- for example, we can waive the entire conference fee.

We'll be away until about the 17th or 18th, so don't expect a reply before
then, if you do ask.


Bill and Mary

Hi Bill and Mary,
What is the late registration date? As soon as I am sure I can make it I
will send in my
And all my best to you two wondrous characters.