2000 Conf. & list

{from Autumn Winter )990907.1030 PT)]

Following are some comments/questions on the 2000 CSG Conference and
list of PCT people.

LIST of CSG/PCT people

Both Rick and I have hard copy lists of CSG members - and others
interested in PCT (some with e-mail addresses and others without).

I have set up an online address book on Netscape's Netcenter, in which I
could enter all the names from the various lists I have.

It makes sense to me that several people, such as CSG
directors/conference organizer, be able to access and change this
address book. All they would need is the user name and password for the
address book.

If anyone has a better idea, location, or format for maintaining this
list, let me know.

The website is:


The file format is Netscape's Messenger format - (.ldif)


I am not sure if anything has been happening concerning the 2000
conference recently. I checked out the Bentley College web site for
conference info, but couldn't find any useful info on Boston U's site.

I would first want to make some sort of personal contact with one of the
conference center's coordinators. Following are some questions I would

Can accommodation be paid separately by attendees, or will the
conference organizer have to collect all the funds.?

What kind of deposit would be required to book a block of sleeping

Is there a chance of all the sleeping rooms becoming booked up, making
it difficult for late registrants to find accommodation?

What is the deadline for payment of meeting rooms?

What will AV equipment cost and what is the cancellation policy?

What would be the catering costs be for coffee breaks and banquet?
(Personally, I could do without coffee breaks and banquet to keep costs

What are the other eating options?

I could come up with more questions, but I would want to talk to someone
at Bentley or elsewhere before wasting too much time guessing.



[From Bruce Nevin (990907.1505 EDT)]

Autumn Winter (990907.1030 PT) --

Hello Autumn!

Using the Netscape facility sounds like a great idea.

Thanks for the additional questions to ask. I'll ask them.

Do you want me to add you to the list of east-coast people receiving (and
some sending) email about CSG2K? I have sent them a spreadsheet with some
costs specified for comparison, would you like to receive that too?