2011 CSG meeting details

Hello, All, from Bill Powers:

My daughter Allie has done a prodigious job of organizing the 2011
Control Systems Group meeting; the instructions she has produced for
registering for the meeting and reserving a sleeping room are
attached. As you will see, you must call the hotel and make your own
room reservations, then send the conference fee (and the registration
forms attached here) to Allie who will forward it to our
secretary-treasurer (Rick) after tallying it.

The relatively low conference fee and room costs are the result of
discounts we will get for having enough people attending and having
meals at the hotel, so it's very important that you decide now about
attending the conference and make your room reservations right away.
Also, the meeting days are Wednesday (evening only), July 27th
through Saturday, July 30th, with Sunday as departure day. These days
are after the main rush in July, but the rooms are
first-come-first-served so very early registration is highly
recommended. It's not a very large hotel. A few weeks before the
meeting we will have more details for you about travel costs from and
to Denver International Airport and directions for those who will drive.

The schedule assumes that we will be following the CSG tradition of
creating the schedule of presentations after dinner on the Wednesday.
However, the outline of times and breaks can be readjusted however
the people attending decide on Wednesday evening.

If you want to present something, please write it up so we can
duplicate it for the others attending. Then people can read it before
the talk; that way the maximum time can be allotted to discussions,
and if there isn't enough time for everyone to give a presentation,
papers can still be referenced as being presented at the 2011 CSG meeting.

Hoping to hear soon from lots of you --

Bill P.

Control_Systems_Group_Conference_2011_JULY_27.doc (92 Bytes)