2019 Call for APA Convention Proposals Open

[From: Richard Pfau (2018.09.13 16:55 pm Nepal time)]


Perhaps one or more of you would like to propose a PCT-related program or workshop at the American Psychological Association Conference next year as described below. Doing so could help spread the word about PCT.

With Regards
Richard Pfau


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Do you have an expert opinion, a unique perspective, or groundbreaking research to share with fellow psychologists across the discipline? We want to hear about it at APA 2019 – submit your proposal today.

**Proposal Deadlines**

](http://click.info.apa.org/?qs=f2206e6a72b64812acb93f388bf24d20230fa50de0312c2879a94e1d3c9488250318caaf7ed134a45cf7950e1de87164)Collaborative programs pull together multiple perspectives on core areas of psychology and include topics significant to psychology and society at large.
**October 12, 2018**

**[CE WORKSHOP PROPOSALS](http://click.info.apa.org/?qs=f2206e6a72b64812753f487c1e2412c3875231a97b448cca3335a7419328eba5658d145de6c9d3aab1c7c03b8733f6f6)**
Half- and full-day CE workshops cover a wide range of topics, including a special featured track on building bridges between social justice, research, and practice.
**November 13, 2018

[APA FILM FESTIVAL PROPOSALS](http://click.info.apa.org/?qs=f2206e6a72b64812b5953aa1e9e64376dd6c16de3c179970e399173cc818f8c3b36d365c72d06fbdf6a1157a1f5f88f6)**
The APA Film Festival features independent films that inform and explore the narratives of lives and the relationship between the art and science of the human condition.
**November 26, 2018**

**[DIVISION PROPOSALS ](http://click.info.apa.org/?qs=f2206e6a72b648123709725f2fa0c80bbc5d701f7576a794444bb019083fa779c48352cbc79df3e8c8c30122681ad016)**
The APA divisions accept presentations, posters, and programs that cover a variety of topics.
**December 3, 2018 **

**[PSYCH SCIENCE IN 3](http://click.info.apa.org/?qs=f2206e6a72b648123e48cbac7a75ecb50b2c51df63422c386b083923605d43ec37efd2c8ff5c8258fcbe33209e417301)**
Psych Science in 3 invites graduate students and recently matriculated psychologists to share their research in three short minutes. Educate us—but make it quick!
**December 3, 2018**

As a presenter, this is an incredible opportunity to position yourself as an expert in your field and help move psychology—and society ”forward.

Submit your proposal and learn more at **[convention.apa.org](http://click.info.apa.org/?qs=f2206e6a72b6481262dda8fc304b89031c8f609f1dee34cdfbd5ef774e24a08571662a75d2ae8522b66965d689048635)**. 


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