2020 ASC Conference September 15-19, Moscow (Critical January 31st Date!)

Fellow PCTers,

For your information in case you would like to present a PCT relevant paper in Moscow at this World Organization of Systems and Cybernetics (WOSC) event. Deadline for submissions is 31 January. The following contains several links that you can use for more info, but a general link is [http://wosc2020.org

](http://wosc2020.org/)With Regards,
Richard Pfau

2020 Invitation to Contribute ASC (81.3 KB)


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Subject: 2020 ASC Conference September 15-19, Moscow (Critical January 31st Date!)

To All ASC Members and Friends:

The announcement below from the ASC’s President Michael Lissack and includes important information about our 2020 ASC Conference, to be held in Moscow in September. Email Michael if you have any questions.


Art Collings

ASC Treasurer

**Invitation to Contribute to the 2020 ASC Conference **

September 15-19, Moscow

NOTE January 31 Critical Date

ASC will be holding its 2020 meeting in Moscow as a co-located event with WOSC. See http://wosc2020.org. One theme will be “Philosophical and methodological foundations for the development of the systems approach and cyberneticsâ€? and another will be “Systems science, cybernetics and art.â€?

WOSC asks for 250-500 word Abstracts to be submitted by January 31. See https://www.wosc2020.org/authorsguide. You submit by opening an account at https://wosc2020.ipu.ru/user/register

It is critical that you submit something by the January 31 deadline even if you are unsure about your attendance. ASC is NOT in charge of the WOSC portion of the event and we are powerless to get you an exception re the dates. There will translators and a large audience during the WOSC portion of the event. There will be no translators and only an intimate audience during the ASC controlled 3 hour ASC event. Thus, if you want your contribution to have maximal impact you need to comply with the WOSC January 31 deadline. You can always decide later not to attend.

please see the attached

**Michael Lissack **

14 Stratford Rd Marblehead MA 01945 phone 617-710-9565


Michael is the President of the American Society for Cybernetics, Executive Director Emeritus of the Institute for the Study of Coherence and Emergence and Professor of Design and Innovation at Tongji University,Shanghai.