2020 IAPCT Zoom Conference Oct 8,9

Dear all

The 2020 International Association for Perceptual Control Theory (IAPCT) conference will be held on Thursday and Friday, October 8 & 9 via a Zoom video meeting. Details about the conference can be found at:



Rick Marken
IAPCT Treasurer

The IAPCT annual meeting and conference is scheduled on Thursday and Friday October 8-9.

  • The deadline for proposals is extended to 9/15 (next week).
  • The deadline for registration is 10/5.

As it says on the IAPCT website, conference fees are as follows:

  • Non-Members $ 75.00 (USD)
  • Students: $ 5.00 (USD)
  • IAPCT Members: $ 5.00 (USD)

Membership dues are $60 annually (students $10). If this is paid with registration, the total is $65 (students total $15).

To register for the meeting

For the IAPCT Conference on the 8th and 9th of October the currently proposed schedule is limited to four hours on each of the two days because of our wide distribution over time zones. Again, the following times are proposed, not carved in stone, and the purpose of this note is to ask for your judgement of its workability and for your suggestions.

If you are planning to zoom in from the EU (CE zone) or from any time zone that is not listed here it is especially important to hear from you.

  • Thu-Fri 07-11 pm CEST (EU)
  • Thu-Fri 05-09pm BST (UK)
  • Thu-Fri 01-05pm EDT (US)
  • Thu-Fri 02-06pm MDT (US)
  • Thu-Fri 10-02pm PDT (US)
  • Fri-Sat NZ 4-8am Chatham Standard Time (Wellington, NZ)

If you see a miscalculation of the relative time for your zone, of course please let me know!

… and, well, of course Eva is in Holland, and Ger, and goodness knows who I’m forgetting. Please forgive the lapse.

And while CEST is UT+2, it is BST +1 (both CEST and BST being equally ahead one hour for “Summer” time) . So the corrected table for the proposed schedule is as follows:

  • Thu-Fri 06-10 pm CEST (EU)
  • Thu-Fri 05-09pm BST (UK)
  • Thu-Fri 01-05pm EDT (US)
  • Thu-Fri 02-06pm MDT (US)
  • Thu-Fri 10-02pm PDT (US)
  • Fri-Sat NZ 4-8am Chatham Standard Time (Wellington, NZ)

That could make it a little easier to shift an hour (or two?) later, making life a bit more humane for John Kirkland. Could we open diplomatic relations between Holland and New Zealand and ask you to advise us?

Here in Finland it is EEST which is CEST+1. :wink:
But it is still very uncertain can I attend anyway. :frowning_face:


The 30th IAPCT Conference will be held on Thursday & Friday , 8‒9 October 2020. The conference will be held via Zoom from 8am -12pm PDT.

The IAPCT Board has decided that, since the Conference will be held via Zoom, attendance at the meeting should be FREE. Therefore, if you would like to attend the conference simply send you email address (which, of course, can be done by sending an email) to me at


stating that you would like to attend the IAPCT conference and I will send you a Zoom invitation on each day of the conference.

If you have already sent your registration fee for the conference and would like to have it returned, just let me know and I will return it to you in full.

For more information about the conference go to: http://www.iapct.org/conference.html

Best regards

Rick Marken, Treasurer

Richard S. Marken

The Agenda for the Conference is attached.

Richard Pfau

Richard PfauAgenda - IAPCT Conference 2020 - 9-17-2020.docx (25.3 KB)