2nd Eropean Workshop on PCT 1998

                    PERCEPTUAL CONTROL THEORY 1998
                        SCHLOSS KROECHLENDORFF
                        June 3, 98 - June 7, 98

The 1998 workshop will begin Wednesday, June 3, and end Sunday,
June 7. Arrival should be Wednesday afternoon, in time for a
rather early dinner (5-6 pm). For those who come from other con-
tinents early arrival (Tuesday) and late departure can be arranged.
The first meeting will be after dinner on Wednesday evening.

The meeting is going to be very informal; the main purpose is that
we are there to meet each other and talk about what we are doing and
what we plan to do in order to further the understanding of PCT.
The workshop is open to anyone interested in PCT who wants to present
work or ideas or who simply wants to listen and learn.

We ask people who want to present material to send relevant papers
to put together the proceedings of the workshop, which should be
made available as a book and on the net. The book can be read in
advance of the talks, so that presentations are discussions rather
than lectures. The deadline for this call for papers will be fixed
in October 97.

About the place. The meeting is going to be held in "Schloss
Kroechlendorff", Kroechlendorff, Brandenburg. Kroechlendorff is
about one and a half hour north from Berlin by car or by train.
Schloss Kroechlendorff was built in 1848, restored from 1991 - 96
by Outward Bound and is especially equipped to hold conferences
and workshops. The gardens are magnificent - there are footpaths
around the estate and we can relax walking through the park.
No formal dressing is required unless you want! The weather in
June is usually good - average daytime temperature is around 20 deg

More details (especially on how to reach Schloss Kroechlendorff) on

The conference fee includes room, meals and coffee breaks.
The cost for a double room is DM 360, in a single room, is DM 420,
sharing a room, DM 360.

Students and others whose finances are limited can apply for a full
or partial waiver of conference fees. Some help with travel costs
may also be available.
Contact Mary Powers at 73 Ridge Place, Durango CO 81301, or at
(970) 247-7986, or at powers_w@frontier.net for details on

Would you please confirm whether you are coming or not and, if
affirmative, fill in the necessary informations for each person
attending the workshop (or just coming to Brandenburg) and
send it to Wolfgang Zocher: zocher@rrzn.uni-hannover.de.

The deadline for this registration is SEPTEMBER 30, 97!




                1998 PCT WORKSHOP REGISTRATION






nights in Kroechlendorff (circle) tues WED THURS FRI SAT sun

Are you attending the meeting? (yes/no)
Are you contributing a paper? (yes/no)
Are you bringing a demo? (yes/no)

Name of partner (double room):

Dietary requirements:

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Wolfgang Zocher

email: zocher@rrzn.uni-hannover.de (office)
       zzzo@apollo.han.de (home)
www: http://www.unics.uni-hannover.de/rrzn/zocher