"8 MOL just sent"

Sorry, I realize that this is the 9th MOL and that the first part of
the conversation was left off.

Attached is the first part.


From: David Goldstein
Subject: Re:"8 MOL just sent"
Date: 1/24/98

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Started on Sat Jan 24 11:40:59 1998

<SanityClause> hi
<David> Hello, should I say SanityClause?
<SanityClause> fine
<David> How about SC because that is easier to type?
<SanityClause> k
<David> Let me explain a little about the exercise.
<SanityClause> k
<David> You can start with any topic or subject about which you feel comfortable. I will actively listen to your description. If I notice a background issue, a thought or feeling or attitude, I will point it out and ask you if you would like to talk about that topic. OK?
<SanityClause> k, but would prefer if topic were provided
<David> OK, we can start with what you just said. Following the exercise, I will ask: What's it like to prefer that I chose the topic?
<SanityClause> k
<SanityClause> just wanted a frame of reference provided
<SanityClause> prefer to know someona b4 free-associating with them
<David> What's it like to "free-assoicate" with someone who you don't know well?
<SanityClause> it's awkward, as I don't know their interests--unsure whether what I say will be of interest to the listener
<David> What is awkward about it? What is it like for you to feel awkward?
<SanityClause> confusion as to where/what to begin
<David> This feeling of awkwardness/confusion, is it something that is familiar to you?
<SanityClause> I also experience it when speaking publicly
<David> What do you expect will happen if you say something that I or someone else may not be interested in?
<SanityClause> that I will be considered boring/a fool
<David> What is it like for you if someone else considers you boring/a fool?
<SanityClause> don't like it--in my element, I am considered knowledgeable/clever/witty
<David> Tell me what it is like for you when you are in your element and are considered to be knowelegeable/clever/witty?