931129--Hal P.--to Ed's 931125 on Maricopa juvenile detention authorities

931129 Hal P.

Here's a coincidence! In class this morning on the death penalty, and
on the UN criminal justice info. net, I've just been reiterating is
that act one in any dispute handled tetrahedronally is to ask all
involved freely and as safely as one can manage to express what has
happened to them, what they have (not) done, and how they feel toward
others involved. Milgram, the F-scale, all that kind of stuff,
indicates that we violate one another as we assume some higher agenda
for what we must do instead of finding out what we need to know to
decide how to respond on our own authority.

I understand that some of y'all arrive at this position, your minds
freed to allow us all our own realms of control, via PCT. For all the
talk I do about how to move to realms exogenous to PCT, and for what
it's worth, I want y'all to know I recognize and appreciate this
contribution of PCT to freedom and peace among us. Thanks for showing
me how you, too, follow the approach. l&p hal