931220 Hal to 931219 Martin on vortices

931220 Hal to 931219 Rick on vortices

You're description of the flow in the sink sounds remarkably to me
like the classic depiction of yin-yang interflow. Human interaction
oriented toward maintaining a yin-yang balance in orienting toward
actors' motives should strangely attract participants into material,
substantive, social order. And by the way, the shifting, orbiting
vortices of the two triangles in Fuller's tetrahedron are, as far as I
can see, isomorphic with yin-yang. We have so many way, from so many
traditions, of describing higher order control. It all entails
attending to the interaction of intentionalities--supposing the
immaterial or spiritual aspects of interaction and gauging our
suppositions by the resultant disturbance or satisfaction and security
in human interaction. l&p hal (PEPINSKY@UCS.INDIANA.EDU)