a bit from CSGnet History

From [Bill Williams 20 March 2004 1:10 AM CST]Poking about in the CSGnet

archives I by chance came across this dialog betweenKenny and Rick Marken.
In the chance that others may find the dialog as interestingas I have, I
post the following:

[From Rick Marken (2003.04.07.1355)]

Kenny Kitzke (2003.04.07.1500)--

I wish you could come to grips with constraining your personal political


religious reference perceptions to forums whose declared purpose relate to



What you perceive about the "war, Bush or Israel" is of no particular


to me.

So don't read what I say about such things. My subject heads are pretty
about what's in the posts.

What you discover or percieve specifically about explaining human behavior


very valuable.

Aren't politics and religion human behaviors?

It helps me understand myself, what I perceive and what I do with my life



Are politics and religion not part of yourself?

I believe Dag has quite forcefully expressed his frustration with your

need to

offer your opinions on the "decency" of other people or their life-work
(agendas, you might call them) on CSGNET when they are not solicited by


Yes. That was Dag's unsolicited opinion. Which I replied to magnificently
and substantively), in case you didn't notice.

But, I can assure you, that your last two posts are of no interest to me.

That's too bad. I thought they were pretty interesting.

I think the instances where people have left the group (like Marc) in part


accusatory and judgmental dialogue with you have come from this need of

yours to

express your unsolicited opinion about what is good and bad in the world



Actually, Marc left because he hated my (and Bill's and Wolfgang's)
about the war. No one accused him of anything or made personal attacks
the only personal attack I can recall was Marc's terribly insulting attack

Please, pretty please, consider this and come to grips with this


simple concept Rick. Post your head off on Bush or Israel or religion or

RTP or

the purpose of public education on some forum wanting to debate that issue


you. That would be mutually enjoyable and profitable.

PCT is a model of all human behavior. It applies to Bush's behavior,
behavior, religious behavior, RTP teacher behavior, public education
behavior and
the behavior on CSGNet, among other things. Therefore, I personally don't
anything you mention in this paragraph -- including the fact that you
mentioned it
-- is off limits on CSGNet. If you think what I say is wrong please feel
free to
try to point out my errors. If you are offended by what I say please feel
free to
point that out (as you have). But I don't plan to come to grips with the
self-censorship you suggest. I think it would be much easier for all of us
if you
could come to grips with the delete key.

Best regards