A Job opportunity for Bill P. (KAWATO Dynamic Brain Project)


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Oded Maler, VERIMAG, Miniparc ZIRST, 38330 Montbonnot, France
Phone: 76909635 Fax: 76413620 e-mail: Oded.Maler@imag.fr
Home page: http://www.imag.fr/VERIMAG/PEOPLE/Oded.Maler

<P>Hiroaki Gomi and Mitsuo Kawato, "Equilibrium-Point Control Hypothesis
Examined by Measured Arm-Stiffness During Multi-Joint Movement," Science,
Vol.272, pp.117-120 (1996)

Bill P: Have you seen the above article? If so, I'd be interested in your

Also, Science has reported some fascinating stuff on the cerebellum. It
seems there's now evidence that this structure, traditionally thought to be
mostly motoric, is implicated in cognitive functions.

What was the line I read somewhere, of to 10^10 neurons in the brain, 10^11
are in the cerebellum!


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