a pitch for $

[from Mary Powers (980921)]

As most of you know (I think), the CSG is a not-for-profit membership
organization. Membership fees are $20, and $5 for students. They are
tax-deductible, if you itemize, as are contributions of larger amounts.

Except for minor office expenses, all membership fees and contributions are
earmarked for waivers of conference fees, and subsidies for travel, for
people who would be unable otherwise to attend the conferences.

Everyone who paid their way to the conference in July had membership fees
included as part of the conference cost. It's up to everyone else to pay,
or not, as they choose. You won't get bounced off the net if you don't. If
you do, there is no benefit except the satisfaction of helping the less
affluent members of the CSG get to conferences.

Make your check out to The Control Systems Group, and mail it to Mary
Powers, 73 Ridge Place, Durango CO 81301-8136. If you are inspired to do
this and do not live in the U.S., your check must be on a bank with a U.S.
affiliate - otherwise it costs $15 to cash and is not worth it.

I will post this message one more time and that's it. Thanks in advance to
those who respond.

Mary Powers
The Control Systems Group