A problem with applying PCT to news items

From David Goldstein (09.28.2001.1200noon)

Most of the time we lack the information to properly apply PCT to an item in the news, for example, the events of Sept. 11.

If we wanted to know what was in the mind of the people who carried out these acts, we would have to interview them. We would probably want to do something like the MOL.

We would probably find some common goals among the people but would also find some unique, individual goals.

Why are we so willing to do with news items, pretend that we have adequate information, when we wouldn't do this with real people? What comes out are people's generalized attitudes, namely, prejudices. This becomes a turn off against the person who expressed it and to PCT in general.

I think it does a disservice to PCT and leads to unnecessary conflict on the CSGnet.

David Goldstein, Ph.D.