A Puzzling Tale - Concluded

[From Bruce Gregory (980423.0945 EDT)]

Bruce decided to seek advice from his spiritual counselor, Father Martin.
Father Martin sighed when Bruce reported what had transpired.

"My son, you must realize that your friend Rick is a member of the Orthodox
Church of PCT. We are of the Reformed Church of PCT persuasion," Father
Martin said.

"But do we believe different things?" Bruce asked.

"No," Father Martin responded. "We share the same sacred text, B:CP."

"Well then how _are_ we different?" Bruce asked.

"We sing from different hymnals. We phrase our songs of praise differently,"
Father Martin said.

"Is that the only difference?" Bruce asked incredulously.

"Not quite," Father Martin said. "Members of the Reformed Church of PCT are
allowed to sing from hymnbooks of the Orthodox Church. But I am afraid that
members of the Orthodox Church flirt with excommunication if they sing from
our hymn books..."

"Curiouser and curiouser," Bruce said.

Father Martin nodded. "Go in peace my son," he said. "Some things we were
not meant to understand."

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