A Puzzling Tale, Differnet Worlds

[From Rick Marken (980423.0745)]

Bruce Gregory (980423.0945 EDT) --

1. The situation you describe [Bruce Gregory (980423.0650 EDT)] is
not a conflcit. The car going 25 mph is just a disturbance to
a perception you want to control (your speed).

2. One symptom of terminal Bruce Abbott's disease is answering
substantive posts with cute, non-substantive stories. I suggest
that you check into your nearest PCT clininc immediately;-)

Oded Maler (980423-II)--

Why not that at some time T one has a perception of "the right
time to do sex" and the other not, and they both control for
"do the right thing"?

This would work too.

I didn't say that conflict _could not_ happen as a result of
systems controlling different perceptions. Actually, this is
exactly what happens in my "Cost of Conflict" demo; in that
case the conflict results from the way the systems are connected
to the environmental variables; the system controlling in x cannot
help but _actively_ interfere with system controlling in y, and
vice versa! (I think this kind of hook up would produce a conflict
between systems controlling x+y and x-y, too). So controlling
_different_ perceptions doesn't guarantee that there will be no
conflict. My point is that controlling the _same_ perceptions in
the same world makes conflicts more likely.

PCT suggests that human problems result, not from the fact that
we live in different perceptual worlds, but from the fact that
we live in (and control perceptions of) the _same_ physical world.




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