About the Collective Control category

Use this subcategory to discuss situations where more than one autonomous control system participates in controlling what is perceived to be the same environmental variable. This is fundamental to modeling social topics including language, culture, education, politics, and management.

For discussions as to whether such a variable is really the same, or really in the environment, etc., go to the # Real and Perceived Realities category.

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Collective Control has far more ramifications than is described in this description or can be included in a sufficiently short comment. Perhaps the issue could be eased by replacing “what is perceived to be the same environmental variable”, a phrase that by itself unnecessarily implies a great deal of complexity. I’m finding it difficult, however, to propose a less tendentious wording.

For the first paragraph, perhaps we could try something like “This topic is for discussions of situations in which some environmental variable or variables vary because of the combined control actions of different controllers.” and just leave it at that. The second paragraph could remain as written.