About the CSGnet Archive category

Within this area you will find the posts from the previous incarnation of this forum, the CSGnet listserv hosted at the University of Illinois. There is a subcategory for each year of CSGnet, beginning with the first email message to CSGnet sent by CSGnet administrator Gary Cziko on Monday 20 August 1990.

There are around 65,000 posts in over 15,000 email threads covering a multitude of discussions related to Perceptual Control Theory. Unlike topics in Discourse, however, email threads do not always stick to the topic stated in their subject header. You can search these categories to find topics of interest to you.

These categories are read-only, so you can’t add to the topics here. However, if you quote from a CSGnet post or link to it you re-introduce it to your current Discourse post, where you can continue the discussion if you wish.