Adaptation Illusion Paper

Hello, All --

Bill and Rick,

I've been traveling the last three weeks and will
need some time to catch up with local demands.

I'm meeting with two students next week to develop a comparable model
in MATLAB. I'll keep you posted on progress. What I intend to do
is to build a model and then use it to simulate several classic
experiments (including the Cross Over Model tracking paradigm and
a discrete movement paradigm).

I warn you that I am of the turtle clan -- for me this is a long term
project -- I don't expect a paper to emerge for some time (perhaps
by spring). If this is too slow for you guys, feel free to move
forward at your own pace without obligation to me.

John, the pace sounds just fine to me and I'll be very happy to know the development is going forward in competent hands. This will take some of the pressure off me! Please tell your people to get in touch with me if there are any problems at all.I'm not familiar with MatLab, but I'm sure that suitable translations can be worked out. I do have MathCad 8 which is probably somewhat similar, but not really a great way to do simulations.


Bill P.


At 01:13 PM 10/9/2002, John Flach wrote:

[From Bill Powers (2002.10.13 MDT)]

Forwarding this note from John Flach to the CSG list – haven’t seen the
book yet.


Bill P.


Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 10:41:54

From: John Flach

Subject: Re: Adaptation Illusion Paper

To: Bill Powers





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Bill and Gang,

I just got advanced copies of our (Jagacinski and Flach) book

“Control Theory for Humans.” Anyone interested can order

book through the erlbaum website. The book is designed to

introduce quantitative methods associated with control theory

to social scientists. It is available in both hard and soft

cover. The soft cover is about $35.00. The 20 copies

Erlbaum brought to the HFES meeting last week sold out.

I will be very interested to get feedback from PCTers.


John M. Flach, Professor,

Department of Psychology

Wright State University,

3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy.

Dayton, OH 45435

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