Address, Kent's paper

[From Dag Forssell (930927 1630)]

Address change:

Greg stated his internet address recently as
(Don't depend on my memory). This made me recognize that we MCImail
addresses actually have two ways to address ourselves. One is the
MCImail number (which shows in CSG-L headers). The other is the
name. My name was dforssell, but I never used it. I have just
called and changed it. From now on my letterhead will show:
Internet: and MCImail: purpose. Cute?

Kent McClelland paper:

Kent, your papers are listed in CSGintro (and in my article) as:
Available from the author, Grinell college etc.

Did I understand correctly that your papers are now accepted? Can
you state in what Journal and in what time frame? I ask because I
think it would strengthen my article and CSGintro. Between you and
Gary Cziko, I am sure you can tell me how to properly state it.

Thanks, Dag