Ambigious figures (was Self Interest)

From[Bill Williams 13 May 2004 11:40 PM CST]

From[Marc Abrams(2004.05.13.2238)]

You say,

How can you expect to encourage others when you >are muddled yourself as too what PCT is and is not.

Your question is actually another way of making an assertion. And, the assertion is misleading. Whatever you think of it, Behavior: the Control of Perception is not a muddled book.

So, having clarified this misconception, one way of defining PCT is to say look to B:CP for a specification.

Of course, after 30 years who would regard B:CP as the latest word, and certainly not an inclusive word, but as you posed the question, B:CP provides a good, if preliminary, and even perhaps admittedly a somewhat sketchy definition of PCT. In my opinion the genuine problem with PCT or B:CP is how few people have the kinds of skills, training and education to be in position to appreciate how very good it is.

Bill Williams