An article and reply

[From Dick Robertson, 2009.12.08. 0917CST]


I dashed off my first reply to you before reading the rest of your missive.

Buffalo Grove is between twenty and thirty minutes from us, depending on what part you’re in.

I’d love to get together. We could have lunch on either day and probably promote a little tennis too. I have a drill class at the Glenview Tennis Club on Tues night 6:30 - 8, and often meet with a geezer group on Wed. AMs 6:30-8.00. I could either skip the geezer group, (I’m not regularly scheduled anyway) and we could meet later, probably at the Northshore tennis club, which is between my house and Buffalo Grove, or, depending on the pattern of players for the Geezer group on that Wed., the coordinator might work you in, if that early would work for you. This coordinator manages a list of several dozen people, that he works on to three or four doubles courts, depending on who’s available on a given day.

What line is your son it?


Dick R