An astrologer among the PCTers/Call for refs

[From Rick Marken (971121.0750)]

Richard Kennaway (971121.0940 GMT) --

In the pay/satisfaction study (for which I'd still like refs -- if
there's a substantial body of research arising from it, is there by
now an authoritative textbook on the subject?),

I culled this result up from dim dark memories of my past life,
before I started listening to a lot of Mozart [intelligence tip: I
find that the mid to late Piano Concertos are the most effective
intelligence boosters though I have gotten pretty good results
from the wind and piano quintets; I still haven't figured out what
the Operas do but whatever it is it sure feels good;-)], when I was
a smug conventional psychologist like Bruce Abbott (don't they sell
Mozart discs out there in Indiana? If not, I find that Bach is nearly
as effective. But that's just an individual result; we'll have to
test a group first to see how well Bach (that's J. S., of course)
really works on me;-)).

There are a ton of research projects like the pay/satisfaction study
that have been done to test "cognitive dissonance" theory. The people
who should be able to post the refs or, better, the acual quantitative
results (they probably just report means and SDs, not the distribution
of individual scores) are the sociologists and social psychologists
on CSGNet who have easy access to university libraries (and their
own textbook collections -- my textbooks on these topics disappeared
years ago): people like Chuck Tucker, Clark McPhail, possibly Gary
Cziko and Kent McClelland. If any of you guys are listening could
you please post the reference and possibly the data from the
pay/satisfaction study I described. Thanks.




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