Anastasio to Williams

>From Greg Williams (930505 - 2)

It might be that Anastasio was wanting to see some "hard"
(neurophysiological) data in support of HPCT, rather than PCT. I
myself agree with Tom and Rick that there is abundant data supporting
PCT, but I would need a lot more neurophysiological data to be able to
choose between Bill's hypothesis for the hierarchy and other possible
hypotheses. I suspect that many a scientist encountering HPCT for the
first time -- perhaps Anastasio is an example -- will (1) tend to cast
it as the too-bold result of armchair introspection, (2) look for
"hard" evidence supporting its details, (3) find no such evidence, and
(4) gingerly edge away from learning more about not only HPCT but,
unfortunately, also PCT. That is why I suggested, several months ago,
more separation between well-supported PCT and less-well-supported
HPCT in missionary efforts by PCTers.

As ever,



I agree here too. We've been using the concept of control to describe lower
level functions in neurophysiology (head stabilization, optokinetic
stabilization, muscle stretch reflex, etc.). No one will effectively argue
with you here. Its HPCT at HIGHER LEVELS that could be new and exciting.
May I suggest again that you emphasize your data in this area.