Announcing L&H Voice Express for Medicine (TM) W / General Medicine Vocabulary

Speak Up and Take Control! Voice Xpress for Medicine is an intuitive, CONTINUOUS SPEECH dictation
solution that makes it fast and easy to create word-for-word reports, notes and letters by speaking directly
to your computer (either in Microsoft(r) Word(r) or it's own built-in word processor).

Out of the box, Voice Xpress for Medicine comes with a 30,000 word general medical vocabulary and
understands your speech - no matter your tone or accent. Dictate up to 150 words per minute. You can
also issue commands and control your Microsoft documents with Natural Language Commands without
having to learn specific application commands, making it the most intuitive system for medical professional
on the market today.

The General Medicine Vocabulary can be specialized with your words simply by having Voice Xpress for
Medicine analyze your existing documents and automatically add your words to the vocabulary. Voice
Xpress for Medicine will also develop language models based on how you created past reports, thereby
improving speed and recognition.

Voice Xpress for Medicine:

* Is Speaker Independent

* Requires No Training

* Uses Natural Language Command And Control

* Automatically Add Words Of Your Choice To The Vocabulary

* Creates Language Models Based On Existing Reports, Letters Or Memos

* Will Verify Accuracy By Playing Back Your Dictation

* Save Money On Dictation And Staff Costs

* Save Time

To order your copy of Voice Xpress for Medicine(TM) (includes microphone) for only $499.00 USD (plus
shipping), or to review additional information about Voice Xpress for Medicine, please visit us on the
Internet at Alternatively, to place an order with an operator, call (757) 422-4111
(9:00AM - 5:00PM EST M-F) from the USA or Canada. To receive information by fax-on-demand, please dial
(toll free) (888) 586-8006 (from USA and Canada) and follow the instructions.

Offered by Medical Technologies, an authorized reseller for Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products.

Minimal Requirements: Windows 95 or Windows NT, Pentium II 200 MHz, 48 MB RAM (Win95) or 64 MB
RAM (WinNT), 130 MB hard drive space, 16-bit sound card from Creative Labs (or equal), CD-ROM, VGA
(or better) monitor

Order now and receive a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee.