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And here's another post Tom asked me to send by proxy:


Subject: Depressing

From Tom Bourbon [940224.0905]

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RE: clinically depressed people give more accurate descriptions
of the world than normal people: Maybe the message is that normal
people just don't understand the situation. If they did, they
would be depressed, too.

Of course if you change "depressed" to "confused" you have posted one of
my favorite expressions :slight_smile:

Naturally, there really is something to consider in that statement. If
it is true, then is humanity basically "fouled up"? I don't think so.

I suppose that I accept that depressed people might know more about their
environment in some ways than do "normal" people but they understand less
about that environment.

Has anyone other than me noticed how, in the discussion about "depressed
people," all of the participants seem to accept the idea that "depressed
people give more accurate descriptions of the world than normal people."?
Is this a fact? All depressed people? (That's what the statement says.) All
depressed people classified by any of the several schemes for
classification? Accuracy of perception measured by which of the many
"assessment instruments," none of which meet the universally accepted
criteria for validity?

Before wondering if or how PCT can help us explain depression, it might be
worthwhile to examine the alleged phenomenon. Unless some new way to define
and assess depression has come along in the past year or so, I don't know
of any evidence that supports the original statement of "fact." This looks
like another case of taking a statistically defined average and translating
it into a statement that "all Xs do Y." Phil Runkel, where are you when we
need you?!