Apologies for Withdrawing from CSGNet

[From Rick Marken (2016.08.22.0915)]

Although I have un-withdrawn from LCS IV, it has been pointed out to me that my withdrawal was based on a judgment about the contents of a book that I had not yet read. And to the extent that I am seen as an expert in PCT (though based on all recent net discussions I can’t see how anyone thinks that;-) my withdrawal could be bad publicity for a book that the editor and publisher hope will be read by many and be a great boon to PCT. So my withdrawal could be seen as an influential reviewer giving a bad review to a book without having read the book. So I apologize for withdrawing from the book based on assumptions about its contents that I have not even seen. I have been told by the editor and publisher of LCS IV that I will be able to review the book prior to publication so that I can note what I think are any significant problems that should be corrected before it goes to press. So I am now confident that LCS IV will be a fine homage to Bill Powers and a fine source of information about PCT.

Best regards



Richard S. Marken

“The childhood of the human race is far from over. We
have a long way to go before most people will understand that what they do for
others is just as important to their well-being as what they do for
themselves.” – William T. Powers