[From Dag Forssell (940414 2230) Rick Marken (940414.2000)]

Well, you wanted a discussion of applied PCT and this is it -- in

You win. I have overstated my case because I got angry, which I
did because of how I controlled my perceptions.

You control your perceptions. I control mine.

All I can ever hope to do is teach PCT as a science -- explaining
how the nervous system appears to work, and demonstrate how the
human body and mind works the same way the PCT and HPCT model

Any and all application of PCT and HPCT has to be worked out by
each student.

Best, Dag

[Jim Dundon]


My sincere apology.

In no way did I mean to make you or anyone else feel that you should be humored.

I think if you read my post to Richard Kennaway you will understand where I came from and notice some of the inconsistancy that occurs among our scientist freinds. Bill himself speaks of "temporary truth."

Also read my post to Martin Taylor re. language and you will understand that I can only respect what you say.

Human growth is truth changing. Our habits are reflected and maintained in our lanquaging, Bill proves it repeatedly.

Bill does't know it yet, but he has proven FM right.

Please continue to participate in CSGnet

I need all the help I can get.

Jim D

It's all right, my friend.

Malice toward none. Especially the weekend of Memorial Day.