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Not all our heavy guns are in Wales:


Subject: Re: Society, rights

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A wonderful post, Martin. Thinking of _society_ as an artifact in the
same way as _language_ is helpful to me. The only material difference
I see is that with society, we have much more and highly localized
variation -- dialects.

The three video tapes from Durango 1993 cover all 18 hours of
proceedings. They are $35, including postage within US. I expect to
bring my video camera again this year.

Subject: Re: self-regulation

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A marvelous post, Bill. Well reasoned and right on.

I know that BCP is missing the chapter on emotion.......

The chapter on emotion was cut by the editor of BCP. It was published
on page 31 of Living Control Systems, Volume II.

Continuing on that interesting, nonexistent artifact: Rights.

Bill has helped me refine my addition to one of my articles.
How about the following?


Respect, ethics, morals--a sense of right and wrong--follow
naturally from an understanding of PCT. You realize that you are
a living control system, and assert the right to control your own
perceptions as freely as possible within the constraints of nature.
In fairness, you accept that your fellow man deserves and asserts
the same right.

If you want to not only "live and let live," but support your
fellow man, PCT shows what is 1) supportive of effective control,
2) what defeats it, and 3) what disturbs it.

1. Offer the best possible, validated, factual information for
    consideration. This helps your associates develop understanding
    and select appropriate wants. Allow them to perform freely and
    experience the results.

2. a) Misleading information can create unattainable wants and
    frustration. b) Too much help does not allow your associate to
    perform--to experience effective, satisfying control and to
    learn from it. c) Promises or threats made to influence
    another person distort purposes and can create conflict.

3. Judgements of, remarks about, and criticism of action/behavior
    focus on the incidental means, not the purposes and perceptions
    of a living control system. This does not help at all, but
    disturbs your friend and creates conflict. It is impossible to
    convey a sense of respect when focusing on the action/behavior
    of another.
A pointer for those who have downloaded the DOS demodisk files from
BIOME server: I discovered recently that the file ARM1.ZIP did in fact
contain the files for DEMO1. My mistake. This has now been fixed.

Best, Dag

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