i.n.kurtzer (931104.1900)

to those concerned about csg archives, especially greg

sorry about the delay, i also posted yesterday but i
suppose unsucessfully. i'll be able to copy the thesis
papers under dr. bourbon--except for michelle duggin's
which has not yet arrived--for about $200, not including shipping.
each paper will be bound with black spiral (like that number one
best seller Mind Readings!) with the title page printed on the cover.
i can have it copied and sent to you, greg, by next friday.
i'll post the actual cost tomorrow. when the check arrives
the archives will be supplied.

love and rage

i.n.kurtzer (931115.1350)

though this is mainly directed to greg williams it
might be of intrest to members of the net.
i trucked all, except David John's which somehow
disappeared, of the theses on PCT under dr.tom bourbon
to the local copier. thirteen theses in all with a
total of 1346 pages. this translates to $185 to have
them all copied, ring bound, and with pretty grey covers
indentifying the thesis--not including shipping.
the copying will be done by next monday.

greg--please make the check out to:
   LASERGRAPHICS 2301 North Street
   Nacogdoches, TX 75961
remember $185

love and rage

[From John Anderson (981205.0015 EST)]

Gary Cziko 981204.1856 GMT --

From Rick Marken (981204.0800)

John Anderson (981203.2025) --

Does anybody know what's happened to the archives of
CSGNET? They don't seem to be there anymore.

I've been wondering about this myself. Gary, do you know what's
up? When I go to the for CSGNet all I see is
"No info on mailing list".

That's not what I get. When I search on "csgnet" I get stuff.

I don't know how back I can search, but I don't get the "No info"


Are you searching on "csgnet" the "usenet and mailing list archive"?

I was using the URL in the "CSG Introduction", but when I go to and search for "csgnet" I get hits. I guess the "CSG
Introduction" should be modified. Unfortunately, though, the database appears to only go back to Jun98. Another impetus
to set up a complete online archive of CSGNET/CSG-L postings :wink:



John E Anderson
Department of Natural Sciences
University of North Florida
Jacksonville FL