[From Jim Dundon


to: Bill P. Rick, Martin, Bob, Gary, Hal, Mary, Bill.L
      Jennifer, Mark, Ed, Greg, Chuck, Joel, Tom, Dick,
      Harry, (not necessarily in that order)

      Subject: ARF's (almost random Flailings)

      IS this sentence a question?

      Is there a quest in this sentence?

      What is the question?

      Is there a question?

      Am I sentenced to question?

      Can someone please decide whether there is a decision
      making entity.


      Would a decision making entity be a dictator?

      Would he use information?

      What level am I on?

      If I follow a suggestion to go up a level
      am I making a decision? Will you please decide
      for me.

      Where did I come from?

      Where am I going?

      Did I come from a question?

      Am I a question?

      If there were a decision maker would there be
      a question?

      Would that put an end to my purpose, to question?
      An end to me, my purpose.

      Can we make a decision and restput this matter?

      Would that change our purpose?

      We could always start over and identify with
      a new system.

      Maybe my end is to change, or should I change in the
      end? Is there a difference?

      I go to where I come from.

      We can go from anywhere to anywhere with words and so
      with math as well. So maybe there is no absolute system.

      Variations on a theme or war in space. Depends on where
      where you come from. Is it a matter of choice, principal
      or systems concept? Or are we at the mercy of of the
      forces of the universe. Can we ever know? Will we ever
      know. Can we ever really control or is that an illusion?
      The one we like? Can the eye see itself seeing? The
      ear hear itself hearing? The self self itself selfing?

      Eternal quest, eternal rest.
      Maybe they go in opposite
      directions. passing each other,
      oblivious to each other
      making us what we are,
      a reflection of all that is

      BTW Would there be a heirarchy in space where there
           is no gravity. Like, I mean, since there's no
           gravity there man, how would we orient
           ourselves? We'd have to go off alone or find
           a common point of reference or maybe just hold
           hands. We could do that if we were pure spirit
           But somshow the body doesn't like that. Seems to
           keep reminding us that we need it. Body and
           spirit, going in opposite directions, passing
           each other, oblivious to each other. making us
           what we are, a reflection of what is.

           JIM D. controlling for relief, or relieving for
                  control, I'm not sure which. Maybe I'm
                  a product of both. Maybe I'll decide,
                  maybe I won't. maybe I'll decide not
                  not to decide, maybe......... this
                  is where we came in, isn't it? Does
                  anybody know? No? Time to go. Gotta
                  find that lost reference signal.

          Your right Bill, this is fun.

          JIM starting over at the end