Assistance rquested for talk

[Martin Taylor 920316 11:30]

This is a generalized request for assistance that applies until mid-August.

I have been asked to give a 3-hour keynote address to a high-level "Autumn
Summer School" on human-computer interaction in Paris in early September.
Naturally, I intend to take a PCT position as a base for looking at all the
different approaches to HCI that might come up, but this will probably be
a very general base, rather than dealing with specifics of the theory. I
mean that I will probably emphasize throughout that the user is doing whatever
actions he or she performs in order to be able to perceive some desired
thing. The computer output exists in order that the appropriate things
can be perceived and compared with the results of imagination as well as
with the reference signals.

My request is for CSG people to suggest themes that I might address, or
issues in HCI that have posed problems because they have not been addressed
from a PCT view, or, if it is feasible, more detailed discussions of aspects
of HCI that have been or might be addressed by PCT.

This may be a good opportunity to get PCT thinking into a mainstream
community of applied psychology. Then again, it may not, but it's worth
trying, I think.