Avery, beware of being canonized!

From Greg Williams (931029 - 2)

Avery Andrews 931020.2148

I think I suggested once that there ought to be an `honor roll' alongside
the Devil's Bibliography.

Sorry, I forgot. But it seems to me that if motor programs/schemata have
to do with specification of outcomes, instead of outputs, for some
nonPCTers, then "honor roll" isn't quite what is needed. The point is that
there might have been some HUGE misunderstandings on the part of certain
PCTers who THOUGHT they knew what the nonPCTers are talking about, without
checking it out in detail.

Of course the trouble with a lot of this
literature is that it isn't *quite* clear what it really means, even
to bona fide heavies (Fel'dman couldn't figure out what Bizzi means,
according to Bizzi in BBS 15:4).

Exactly why there should be attempts to clarify what the literature is
"really" saying, instead of just ASSUMING that certain people are using
language the way one THINKS they are.

Well, this happens in pct too, I think I recollect.

So do I. I appreciate your trickle (not to diminish its importance for
those who pay attention -- mea culpa!) headed upstream in the downstream

As ever,