Avery to Hal; PCT Warriors

[Avery Andrews 930925.1500]
  (Hal Pepinksi 930924.0922)

>PCT quite cogently describes one of my bodies of knowledge, that of
>how to survive as a warrior. That side is important to know about
>too. Here I go again. I'm thinking my world and that of PCT-ists can
>be connected; in return I keep hearing messages of separation, of what
>sets PCT apart. Do you see the issue?

I don't get this at all. What does PCT have to do with violence,
domination, or surviving as a warrior (as opposed to some other way)?
The contrary is the case, it seems to me, seeing as PCT describes
people as `satisficers' rather than `maximizers', and thereby as
in principle at least capable of living peaceably in situations where
resources are limited. Maybe we don't always see the relevance of
everything you say (to the theme that when people do things, they are
in general controlling some perception or other, which is what this
group is about), but that's a different issue.