B:CP Leading questions for chapter 13

[David Goldstein (2013. 10. 13.21:43)]

Here are my answers to the leading questions in Chapter 13.

to leading questions in Chapter 13

I think that WTP chose the word Relationship Perceptions for the sixth level.

All the things on my desk and on the floor. All the things under my chair and the
rooms under my current room. George Miller talked about “the magic number 7
plus or minus two.� I think that this would apply to the number of perceptions
at the same level that we can be simultaneously aware of.

According to Wonder Weeks, infants don’t show Category Perceptions before 33and
½ weeks (about 8 months). If I think of the way infants before this age are, I
can get a picture of what it would be like to not have any more than six levels.

The program seems to be dealing all the cards out to all the card players. However,
the number of cards that each player receives is different for different card
games. Rick pointed out to be that in the game of bridge, all the cards in the
deck are dealt out.

Pick up one bean.

in in the jar.

the jar “filled to the top?â€?

fixed sequence would not have a stopping point.

If A (has a driver’s license)
then do B
(allow the person to drive) except if the person’s license has been suspended
(because of DUIs, for example). If…then thinking is required which is the
program level.

“A moral person does not kill another person.â€? If a person’s country is at war,
a person may kill “the enemyâ€? and the
person’s perceived moral state would not be affected, at least by other citizens.
If a person’s family is being attacked,
as in “a house invasion," then the person may kill the invader, and his
moral state would not be lowered.

All principle perceptions are built from program perceptions. If there is a
disturbance in the program perceptions which make up a principle perception,
then a corrective action to the program is needed to control the principle perception.

Be reflective, not impulsive, in order to be safe may the principle. If
evidence indicates that it is safe to proceed, then take the action.

Reference level: “I don’t know what is wrong with me.â€? What is the reference
condition? I want to be OK? I want to be different than I am? Does the person
want to perceive himself/herself as having a problem?

If you have a belief that black woman are stupid, you will experience an error
signal if you perceive a black woman carrying out subtle and complex programs. Given
this belief, you might oppose a program offering higher education for black

We are the same in some important way.

A person can be loyal to the country and
be loyal a political party.

Religion is a system concept that organizes moral principles. Theory of
evolution is a system concept that organizes survival principles. Party is a
system concept that organizes political principles. Physical and chemistry are system
concepts that organize principles concerning the inanimate world.

  1. By correcting disturbances to
    the principle level perceptions which make up the system level concept. This is
    how the self-image was studied from a
    PCT perspective.