Babes in Toyland

[From Bruce Abbott (941215.1105 EST)]

Gary Cziko 941212.1655 GMT

What is "GMT"? Greenwich Mean Time? I thought you guys were on Central

So it is reference levels that are "selected" by their consequences (the
magnitude of the reference signal (voltage?) sent to the servo, NOT the
output (current) sent to the motor. The latter must vary (and does) in
order that the perceived angle of the rotor matches the reference signal
under conditions involving unpredictable disturbances.

Does this make sense, Bruce? By the way, where are you in Indiana? You
can't be too far from me here in East Central Illinois and I (and maybe
Clark McPhail, too) would be happy to have you visit our campus and play
with our PCT toys.--Gary

Yes, I don't think I'm having any confusions about this, I'm just confusing
everyone else! (See my post 941214.17 for details.)

I'm at Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne, which is a strange
regional-campus mixture of our two competing state universities. Fort Wayne
is located about 25 miles from the Ohio border in the north-eastern part of
the state and about a two-and-3/4 hour drive from Purdue. It looks like I
could make Urbana-Champaign via Indianapolis in maybe four, four-and-a-half
hours via I-69 and I-74. Sounds like fun--what kind of toys do you have for
me? (:->