Bad email address But great conference Y'all come

[From Dick Robertson, 2011.05.01.1512CDT]

Hello, all, from Bill Powers

We have only 9 people signed up to attend the conference now. We
need 20 to get the room discounts, though I will plead to get them

Now, dammit, if I can get my old bones moving, and scratch up the funds on my lousy professor’s pension it’s because i want to see the great things you younger generation are doing to advance PCT into a world that needs it.

So let’s see you there to show what’s coming in the future.

Consider the increase of conference fee after April 30 rescinded. It
will remain at $300 per person attending until after May 31. Then it will > go to $350.

Please consider coming to the meeting and let us know quickly by
mailing the form back with payment. You make your own room
reservations as indicated in the attached material, mentioning
the CSG conference. Or you can stay somewhere else of your choosing.
Best, Bill P.

Dick R