Bandura again

Tom Bourbon [9410210.0819]

Martin, I am still out here lurking, and will try to send something to
you about communication studies and PCT. I am still digesting and thinking
about previous conversations and ideas linking control to social inte

I recently saw Bandura mentioned on this list, and wonder what Bill and
others see as the possible strengths and limitations of Bandura's social
learning propositions.

Ken, if you've been lurking very long you have probably seen that most
people who do PCT modeling and research hold Bandura's work in rather low
regard. That seems fair; Bandura has show open contempt for Bill Powers's
ideas. On csg-l, we have discussed in detail the reasons for our opinions
about Bandura's work. Did you see those discussions? If you did not, I
can try to reconstruct them for you.




In Message Wed, 19 Oct 1994 19:30:49 MDT, Kenneth L. Hacker writes:

Tom, I confess that I scanned through those messages about Bandura very
quickly because I was not interested in Bandura at the time they were
occurred. However, I now have a grad student who is high on Bandura and
I would like to temper his high with some critical questions about the
claims made by social learning theory. If there's a digest you can refer
me to, I will send for it. Thanks. Ken