Baseball demo

[From Bruce Abbott 980114.1500 EST)]

Rick Marken (980113.2150) --

I have placed the current version of my baseball catching
program on the net at my Web site.

Nice demo, Rick! How about this: Create a view of the ball _as seen by the
fielder_ and show this either split-screen or as a second view available via
a toggle. In a second demo, show the view as seen by the fielder, and allow
the view to change as it does when the fielder moves toward or away from the
ball. Put this view under the influence of the mouse -- moving the mouse
down moves the fielder "farther away" from the head-on view and moving it up
moves the view closer. After the ball is "caught" (or "missed"), rerun the
action showing the side-view, using the data from the run to position the
fielder and program the ball's trajectory.