BCP available online, some other books

[From Adam Matic 2014.22.01 1730 CET]

I just found the 1973 edition of BCP available on the The Open Library


Reading it requires free registration and there are a few options for reading. Looks great even though someone was underlining and writing on the margins a lot.

I was looking for texts on control theory. Lots of them there. For example, here’s a book Bill mentioned a few times, Korn and Korn, Electronic Analog Computers, first edition 1952. https://openlibrary.org/works/OL983186W/Electronic_analog_computers

The book is also listed in the 1960. General Feedback Theory of Human Behavior, part I. Relevant for modeling and control systems.

This book is by F.A.Hayek (the economist who also wanted to be a psychologist) https://archive.org/details/sensoryorderinqu00haye

Bill mentioned it in LCS, The Cybernetic Revolution in Psychology article. Interesting read.


[From Matti Kolu (2014.01.23.0745 CET)]

Adam Matic 2014.22.01 1730 CET--

I just found the 1973 edition of BCP available on the The Open Library
Behavior: the control of perception by William T. Powers | Open Library

This is a great find. The service must be fairly new. I was skimming
through a random book on Openlibrary, and then tried to search for
another book using the search box in the upper right corner.

"Wow, wait, WHAT?!"

The books are of course not only digitized but completely searchable.
I don't know why, but this actually surprised me. Perhaps it has
something to do with the way the results are visually presented as
'blobs' on the "page line".

So not only is B:CP digitized, it is searchable, with a good interface.