Be responsible! Be me!

[From Rick Marken (950204.1530)]

I am falling way behind the power curve on this "responsiblity"
discussion due to the lag in the net. My reply to Bruce Buchanan,
posted early yesterday, has not even been ACKed by the net yet.

Fortunately, Bill Powers has been doing a wonderful job of saying
what I would (or did) say, only he's saying it better, of course.

I think I can summarize the PCT view of responsibility in a single

People are responsible for the results they control, they are not
responsible for the results they don't control and they "hold people
responsible" when they are actually accepting responsiblity (controlling)
for the results (controlled or uncontrolled) these other people produce.

i. kurtzer (950202.2130) --

if anyone needs a bushy tailed gopher or simply likes giving money
to young men that aspire to be Rick Marken

Now there's a responsible (if not a lucrative) aspiration! I'd give
you a fellowship in no time, Isaac, but, unfortunately, I can't get
a professorship myself -- for obvious reasons;-)

Hang in there. I look forward to seeing you in Durango.