Behaviorism alive and well

[From Dag Forssell (2010.02.03.1015 PST)]
A few months ago I caught on to Google Alerts and have been finding info
on the web regarding several phrases. Just this morning it occurred to me
to search for “Perceptual Control Theory”.
One link that materialized read:

Sniffy Virtual Rat PDF | Download Free Ebook Sniffy Virtual Rat

Perceptual Control Theory readings (links provided
during the class). … You will use the �Sniffy the Virtual Rat� software
to �magazine. train� Sniffy. **…**searching the web page for “perceptual” you find

which lists PCT as a subject on the last page.

Sniffy the virtual rat is featured here

Any report that behaviorism is dead or obsolete must be greatly

Best, Dag

[From Fred Nickols (2010.02.03.1209 MST)]

Okay; so where's Skippy, the purposeful rat?



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