Bill L; Jeff V.

From Tom Bourbon [940613.1721]

Bill Leach and Jeff Vancouver -- I've been preoccupied with the work for
which I am paid, which is not PCT. A few minutes ago, I finished reading
the mail that accumulated since last Friday afternoon. I'll have a few
replies tomorrow, if I don't spend the whole evening working on models to
demonstrate at the meeting in Wales. Right now, I'm trying to re-create my
programs from 1990, in which I used ECOLI reorganization in adaptive
models of interactions between control systems. The original programs were
lost when the hard drive on my previous computer gave up and died. I think
that line of modeling is relevant to some of the questions and comments
raised by both of you.

For Rick -- I _am_ around and I do have something to say. Did you ever
doubt? :slight_smile:

For Martin -- I wonder which readers you had in mind when you wrote that
Jeff's post would cause substantial disturbance for some readers. :wink: