Bill moving date

[From Bill Powers (2012.12.29.0940 MST)]

My current estimated moving date is Feb. 6, 2013. The house is now in the hands of a realtor and I have an apartment reserved (at "Affinity"). I'm going to move all the surplus junk (the new apartment is half the size of my mobile home) to the garage that I will be renting at the same place, and park my car outside until I can get rid of the junk. My email address and phone number will remain the same and the location is still in Lafayette, CO. More details later.

There are some nice facilities at Affinity, including a theater that can seat perhaps 12 or 15 people (haven't counted yet), and we could use that for miniconferences. Attendees would have to find their own hotel/motel rooms with of course help from us at this end. but I don't want to think of that just now -- too many distractions with the moving despite my daughter Allie's heroic help.


Bill P.