Bill Silvert, CSGINTRO.DOC, Verification

[From Dag Forssell (921026)]

For Bill Silvert, cc: Gary Cziko. General comment as inspired.

Bill, Greg & Pat have used my instructions below and tell me they got uue.c
and uud.c without a problem. They have created an ASCII file which can be
converted to uud.exe with the help of the DOS debug program. Instructions
are included in the file. It was mailed to me today, and I will check it
Wednesday or so, then forward it to you along with the revised starter.doc,
which I propose to call csgintro.doc. I propose to call the new ascii file
uudself.doc. Do you have a better suggestion? I propose a comment line for the
csg/index below. Is that ok? I am anxious to have this csgintro.doc agree with
what you put on the server. If it comes out different, it can certainly be

I propose to put on the server this csgintro.doc, along with the uudself.doc,
a revised and expanded (including illustrations) marken.doc (description of
the spreadsheet model and, if you like, updated (current address, reformatted)
demo1.doc and demo2.doc. I will mail disk to you and Gary both.

The csg/Index has plenty of room for notes on most files. Could you note with
greater clarity which are binary and which ASCII?

Bill, I look forward to your comment. Dag

enclosure: excerpt from revised CSGINTRO.DOC:



A number of ASCII documents and binary computer programs are available on
a fileserver maintained by Bill Silvert. It is possible to obtain all these
files via e-mail. If you are on internet, it is easiest to obtain binary
program files via anonymous FTP. If you are on MCI mail, you have read about
how you can transfer binary files with Kermit or Zmodem protocols. (Type help
at the MCI mail prompt for directions). But the server cannot send binary
files to you over the internet mail network, so download uueself.doc so you
can get the binary files uuencoded as ASCII files. The Internet address for
the machine is BIOME.BIO.NS.CA. CSGnet files are kept in the subdirectory

To get basic information and a current listing of available documents,
send a message as follows:


Message: help
                       get csg/Index

"help" asks the server to send you commands and explanations.
"ftp" requests the scoop on anonymous FTP for internet.
"get csg/Index" requests the Index for the csg subdirectory.

In your message, pay attention to upper and lower case! DOS is not dos.

As part of the index (of the csg directory), you may be looking at:

dem1a.exe 128437 Bill Power's demonstration of perceptual control
dem2a.exe 123649 Bill Power's modeling of control

uudself.doc 54??? Compile uud.exe with DOS debug. Directions included.

If you want to request dem1a.exe (uuencoded) to get a "live" demonstration
of the phenomenon of control, and the ASCII file uudself.doc which allows you
to use DOS debug to create uud.exe to decode it, send the following message:

uue csg/programs/msdos/dem1a.exe
get csg/programs/source/uudself.doc
end of enclosure.